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Home to over 450,000 people, the City of Long Beach is undergoing an amazing economic resurgence. Long Beach recognizes that the time is now to ensure that this economic growth is equitable and reaches into every neighborhood in Long Beach. 

Access to capital for small and diverse businesses is essential for creating local jobs and inclusive development within our communities. Through the Kiva City Long Beach initiative, Long Beach entrepreneurs can now access 0% interest, no-fee loans to 

How Does Kiva Work for Lenders?

Our efforts to positively impact the lives of local small business owners in the region would not be possible without the generous support of our partners listed below.

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Lending through Kiva involves risk of principal loss. Neither Kiva nor Kiva trustees guarantee repayment or offer a financial return on your loan.

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Kiva U.S. Cities

After launching in Uganda in 2005, Kiva expanded its lending to the United States in 2009. Two years later, President Clinton launched the Kiva City program, which aims to expand the Kiva model, city by city, to financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs in cities throughout America. Kiva has now launched in the following Kiva Cities:


City of Long Beach Trustees

Increasing Access to Economic Opportunity

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sustain or grow their business. These Kiva loans are great for those business owners who may be unable to access traditional commercial loans from a bank due to lack of assets or bad credit.

Through Kiva, the City of Long Beach is advancing our mission to create economic opportunities for all workers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Together we can make Long Beach a more prosperous community. We encourage all to join the Kiva Long Beach network by becoming a borrower, a lender, and/or a Trustee.

How Does Kiva Work for Borrowers?

About Kiva City Long Beach

Kiva Long Beach is a public-private partnership between the City of Long Beach Economic Development Department, LISC Los Angeles, and trusted community-based organizations that have signed up to serve as local Trustees. All borrowers in the City of Long Beach who are endorsed by a Trustee are eligible for a dollar for dollar loan match provided by LISC Los Angeles. Kiva Long Beach helps to achieve goals identified in the City of Long Beach’s Economic Development Blueprint by increasing access to capital in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The mission of the City of Long Beach Economic Development Department is to create economic opportunities for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs through its innovative 10-Year Blueprint for Economic Development. This includes making it easier to start and grow a business, streamlining the process of property development, and providing businesses with a skilled workforce. The Department includes Property Development, Business Development, and the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network. For more information on the Department, please visit http://www.longbeach.gov/economicdevelopment or follow us on Twitter @LBEconDev.

LA LISC is one of 31 offices of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a national non-profit organization supporting community development in cities and rural areas throughout the country.

LA LISC serves as an intermediary, building bridges between our local non-profit partners and the resources they need to transform underserved neighborhoods into thriving communities of opportunity and choice. We receive our funding from banks, corporations, foundations, and government agencies. We partner with community organizations, private developers, local government and schools to invest those funds in affordable housing, economic development, health and recreation, capacity building, and strategic planning efforts. This comprehensive approach builds more resilient communities throughout Los Angeles.

Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association (BKBIA) is a proactive organization of business people who join together and pool their resources to promote the area for the benefit of the businesses in the district. The purpose of the BKBIA is to promote the interests of its professional, service and retail members, to enhance the common areas within the business district, to facilitate the exchange of business information and ideas, and to promote the highest business and ethical standards. 


The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit organization operating on behalf of the tenants and commercial and residential property owners in Long Beach’s Downtown and surrounding areas. It is dedicated to the Management, marketing, security, maintenance, advocacy, economic and community development of its two assessment districts in cooperation with the City of Long Beach and the private sector.


The Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CSULB provides programming and mentoring designed to unlock the creative energy of students, faculty, staff, and the community that engages stakeholders across campus and in the community focused on the common goal of innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Founded in 1977, United Cambodian Community is a non-profit 501(c)(3) multicultural social services agency. UCC was originally established to assist in the resettlement of highly traumatized refugees and their families. Today, Long Beach has the largest Cambodian population outside Cambodia. UCC desires to empower the Cambodian people to be self-sufficient and productive community members of society. 


To Build a Better Black Community through Aggressive Mentorship, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Anti-Violence Initiatives. In addition, we our mission is to empower women, minorities, and the underserved communities.


The Zaferia Business Association (formerly known as the East Anaheim Street Business Alliance “EASBA”) is a nonprofit organization promoting Zaferia businesses since 1991. Our members consist of business and commercial property owners representing the area from Junipero Avenue to the west, Pacific Coast Highway to the east, 11th Street to the south and 14th Street to the north. 


World Famous VIP Business Incubator and Multimedia Center is a social enterprise, dedicated to providing the tools, education and resources to assist small businesses in hard hit economic areas, and disadvantaged communities have the opportunity at the American Dream of building economic freedom. 


Startitup is a data driven business that focuses on research and development opportunities that help small businesses reach their full potential. Startitup identifies key areas of focus that an individual business needs help with and sets them up with an experienced mentor to facilitate growth. 


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The Long Beach Community Foundation was originally founded in 1996 as the Greater Long Beach Foundation in collaboration with the Estate Planning & Trust Council of Long Beach, local community leaders, and the California Community Foundation. The Long Beach Community Foundation initiates positive change for Long Beach through charitable giving, stewardship and strategic grant-making. The focus of foundation is to encourage charitable giving, help individuals and families manage their philanthropic giving, establish endowment funds to benefit local nonprofits, and make strategic grants to Long Beach nonprofits.

Since 1976, Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC) has been helping small business owners achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship. Whether through low-interest financing and industry-leading partnerships with local banks, or graduating thousands of the best from our workshop academies, VEDC is the #1 resource for business owners.


Ironfire provides a platform for working happier, healthier, and more productively. Iron Fire’s convenient, neighborhood coworking spaces are masterfully designed to accelerate serendipity, inspire creativity, and optimize personal and professional growth. Ironfire membership is affordable, month-to-month, and loaded with awesome perks.


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