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Kiva expands access to and lowers the cost of capital for U.S. artisans by providing 0% interest, crowdfunded loans, raised from its network of 1.5 million supportive lenders around the world.

Many of these lenders become borrowers' new customers, brand advocates, and biggest fans.

Grow your jewelry business with Kiva & Nina Designs

Get up to $10,000 for your business, crowdfunded by Kiva's community of 1.5m lenders, and at 0% interest.

Cassandra | Lux Amor Pax

Borrowed $2,000 towards the purchase of tools and equipment to make her own line of jewelry.

"Since we got our [Kiva] loan, our sales have increased by 15% each year. Our loan helped jump start our operations."

Marci & Greg

“[Kiva] was a simple and straightforward process. It wasn't just a bank. We were able to put faces to those supporting us.”

Sally & Nadia

Borrow up to $10k over 36 months. Use it for business purchases, or as a safety net!

Loans up to $10,000

No joke: we don't charge interest! We're a nonprofit dedicated to small business.

No interest payments


Market your product to Kiva's community of 1.5 million supportive lenders.

Free marketing

90% of businesses successfully publicly fundraise on Kiva

90% Funding Success

Courtney | Bagtazo

Borrowed $10,000 to produce her line of jewelry and a hat design to meet wholesale orders.

Kenneth | Smithstonean Customs

Borrowed $2,750 to cover manufacturing costs for a new jewelry line and to participate in Liberty Fair.

What are you waiting for? Get 0% financing for your jewelry business today.

"The 0% Small Business Loan That's For Real" 

"...less impersonal than the data-driven approach taken by mainstream lenders."

"Best perk: no interest."

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Nina Designs' Mission

Nina Designs inspires jewelry designers and enables them to manifest their own creative visions by providing high quality, original jewelry products and outstanding customer service.

Nina Designs is collaborating with Kiva to help its members access the capital and network they need to successfully grow their businesses.

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