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But for many local entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own businesses, options for accessing capital are limited. These entrepreneurs are among the vast number of financially excluded individuals in the U.S. who are then unable to launch or grow their ideas. 

Kiva Puerto Rico provides 0% interest capital to local small businesses. Through direct lending on Kiva, supporters of Puerto Rico entrepreneurs can help local communities shape their future and achieve economic mobility. Check out the video to learn more and lend locally to help fund an entrepreneur near you. Take a look at some of our previously funded borrowers here

Puerto Rico is America's tropical paradise  

We could not positively impact the lives of dozens of local small business owners without the assistance of our trustee and partner network. Our Puerto Rico network is listed below.

Puerto Rico empowers local small business owners 

We love supporting our island full of rich land, local restaurants, fresh goods, creative designers, and enchanting small businesses. 

Étnica supports Afro-Latinos by presenting soulful and meaningful content while creating connections to strong partnerships in the community. The Afro-Latino community lack of positive representation and experience contributes to racism and exclusion in society. Étnica is a social and creative enterprise that brings dignity, voice and power to the Afro-Latino community, and especially to black girls and women. Étnica serves to create the necessary connections to brands, products, services and the community. Learn more here.

Agro Empresas Black Belt works to reestablish an existing agricultural industry after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Agro Empresas Black Belt reinserts displaced poultry farmers, employs people from the sector, converts abandoned facilities and more in order to try and revive the poultry industry in Puerto Rico. Learn more here

Papaya Tropical is an innovative educational project that seeks to empower women through sexual acceptance, knowledge and liberation. Papaya Tropical shares content that opens communication related to human behavior, relationships, self-esteem and everyday issues that are still considered taboos or perpetuate stereotypes. Papaya Tropical invites people to become more confident about themselves, leaving prejudice and social stigmas aside in an organic, fun and creative way. Learn more here

Gloriann | Étnica

Vanessa | Papaya Tropical

Luis | Agro Empresa Black Belt 

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Lending through Kiva involves risk of principal loss. Neither Kiva nor Kiva trustees guarantee repayment or offer a financial return on your loan.

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Other local small business owners like Vanessa, Luis, and Gloriann are currently fundraising on Kiva. Dozens of other small businesses that have fundraised on Kiva already could also use your help! Support Puerto Rico business by lending and shopping locally.

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If you're a small business owner in Puerto Rico, and your business could benefit from a microloan, then we'd love to hear from you. Our loans are 0% interest, with no fees! Loans can be up to $10,000, paid back over up to three years. Kiva approves many loans that other lenders would not.

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Kiva Trustees source entrepreneurs they believe in and publicly endorse them as borrowers on the Kiva website. Trustees have no financial liability for loans, and their reputation is tied to the repayment rate of the borrowers they endorse. Trustees are typically organizations that support small businesses, such as chambers of commerce, community development corporations, and business assistance centers. 

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Kiva U.S. Hubs

After launching in Uganda in 2005, Kiva expanded its lending to the United States in 2009. Two years later, President Clinton launched the Kiva Hubs program, which aims to expand the Kiva model, city by city, to financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs in cities throughout America. Kiva has now launched in the following Kiva Hubs:

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