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Kiva expands access to capital and lowers the cost of that capital for U.S. entrepreneurs by providing 0% interest, crowdfunded loans, raised via our network of 1.5 million supportive lenders around the world.

Kiva U.S. also provides small business owners with many free marketing opportunities and the chance for their lenders to become customers, brand advocates, and entrepreneurs' biggest fans.

Grow your farm in Hawaii with Kiva

Get up to $10,000 for your business, crowdfunded by Kiva's community of 1.5m lenders, and at 0% interest.

Chip & Tim | `i`o Farm

Borrowed $5,000 for portable fencing that allowed them to raise heritage breed pigs.

"Funding a loan on Kiva was surprisingly fast and easy... it was fully funded in less than two weeks and further supplemented by the Hawai’i Island Food Producers Fund. 

As a result we’ve been able to expand our educational and agri-tourism programs, increase revenue, and more comfortably support our family."


“The [Kiva] loan helped us purchase a storage container to protect our tools and equipment, temporary movable electric fencing and a portable corral system that we use when it is time to tend to our animals. 

Fundraising on Kiva was amazing.  I've never felt so encouraged and supported in what we are trying to do.”


Borrow up to $10k over 36 months. Use it for business purchases, or as a safety net!

Loans up to $10,000

No joke: we don't charge interest! We're a nonprofit dedicated to small business.

No interest payments


Market your product to Kiva's community of 1.5 million supportive lenders.

Free marketing

98% of farmers successfully publicly fundraise on Kiva

98% Funding Success

Carolyn | Pa'ahana Livestock

Borrowed $10,000 to build secure storage facilities and improve corral infrastructure.

Malian | Ka`u Specialty Coffee

Borrowed $10,000 to build a greenhouse that allowed her to raise coffee starts and seedlings. 

What are you waiting for? Get 0% financing for your farm today.

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Lending through Kiva involves risk of principal loss. Neither Kiva nor Kiva trustees guarantee repayment or offer a financial return on your loan.

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"The 0% Small Business Loan That's For Real" 

"...less impersonal than the data-driven approach taken by mainstream lenders."

"Best perk: no interest."

The Hawaii Food Producers Fund

The Hawaii Food Producers Fund is a collaboration between The Kohala Center, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, County of Hawaii and Kiva to provide 0% interest loans to Hawaii food producers, funded on Kiva's online platform.

The Hawaii Food Producers Fund has helped unlock over $100,000 in funding for food entrepreneurs in Hawaii. Click here to see businesses supported by the fund so far.

Hawaii farmers are eligible to receive up to 50% of their Kiva loan from the fund. For more information, visit The Kohala Center's  website.