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Kiva expands access to and lowers the cost of capital for small business owners by providing 0% interest, crowdfunded loans, raised from its network of 1.6 million supportive lenders around the world. Many of these lenders become borrowers' new customers, brand advocates, and biggest fans.

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Kate - Owner of Bedford Stuyvesant Acupuncture & Apothecary
"It's been so encouraging and supportive to be a part of Kiva... I will pay this forward to no end."


Victoria - Owner of Resumes Today

"The Kiva experience has empowered me... Kiva has given me hope that millennials such as myself can be successful running their own business..."


Borrow up to $10k over 36 months. Use it for business purchases, or as a safety net!

Loans up to $10,000

No joke: we don't charge interest! We're a nonprofit dedicated to small business.

No interest payments

Market your product to Kiva's community of 1.6 million supportive lenders.

Free marketing

90% of businesses successfully publicly fundraise on Kiva.

90% Funding Success

"The 0% Small Business Loan That's For Real" 

"...less impersonal than the data-driven approach taken by mainstream lenders."

"Best perk: no interest."

WE NYC and Kiva team up to build the success of women entrepreneurs 

Crowdfunding is a great option for women-owned businesses. Crowdfunding means raising money from many people, typically through a campaign on the internet. Now, the City of New York  is helping campaigns for crowdfunded loans succeed by pledging the first 10%!

WE NYC has partnered with Kiva, a platform specializing in crowdfunded loans, to help more women entrepreneurs achieve crowdfunding success. Participating in WE Fund Crowd means WE NYC will be your first lender, pledging 10%, or up to $1,000, of your crowdfunding goal. Friends, family, and new supporters who see your campaign will know that WE NYC believes in your business and your dreams.

Lending through Kiva involves risk of principal loss. Neither Kiva nor Kiva trustees guarantee repayment or offer a financial return on your loan.

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Joy and Valerie - Owners of The 125 Collection

Borrowed $7,000 to improve their hand-poured candles and overhaul their website.

Mona - Owner of Safari Restaurant

Borrowed $10,000 to expand with a new line of hot sauce and spiced Somali tea.

'Yemisi - Owner of EgunsiFoods

Borrowed $10,000  to scale her West African food company.

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Get up to $10,000 for your business at 0% interest, crowdfunded by Kiva's community of 1.6 million lenders.

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Support your New York entrepreneurs

Below are just a few examples of the entrepreneurs in the New York community that are fundraising on Kiva.

Allison -- Haimanmcreations

“In December of 2014 I enrolled into Parson School of Design Continued Education Program. It was not easy, working full-time, going to school in evenings. But in December of last year, my sacrifice paid off and I obtained my Graphic Design Certification. It was the greatest feeling and new beginning.” 

Truc - Better Beast

“A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit a peanut butter factory in Haiti that was set up to feed kids who are malnourished and undernourished. I instantly fell in love… I knew I had to use my advertising and creative background to help them launch a product that could bring good to the world.” 

Charlene - Mama G's

My mom is the catalyst behind my entrepreneurial and enthusiastic spirit. She started to teach me how to cook when I was 5 years old. She had such drive and passion for owning and operating her business, so I wanted to follow her footsteps and open my restaurant to keep her memory alive."